It’s not me. My photo has no interest.

This baby-fox lost in my garden is much better.

Professor David Billard, PhD

Digital forensics

University of Applied Sciences in Geneva

Sworn court expert in France and Switzerland




Research activities

-          Small scale digital devices forensics

-          Forensic investigations in big data

Teaching activities

-          Information systems, Business Intelligence (BsC, MsC)

-          Digital forensics and investigations (BsC, MsC, PhD)

Consultancy activities

-          Digital investigation in criminal cases (computers, cell phones, embedded systems, networks)

-          Digital investigation in civil law suits (eDiscovery, labor relations)

Academic Collaborations

-          University of Stockholm, Department of Computer and Systems Sciences:

-          University of Lausanne, Institut de Police Scientifique:

-          University of Geneva, Centre Universitaire d’Informatique:

-          Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts:

How to contact me?

-          Email is my favorite communication media : David.Billard[ascii64]

-          I’m also on twitter, from time to time: [ascii64]david_billard

To my students (past and present)

-          Each year a minimum of 200 new faces appear in front of me

-          Please do not be too harsh if I do not recognize you as a student or former student