• To exchange information on pond ecology and conservation between researchers, managers and practitioners.
  • To promote understanding of pond ecology by encouraging the development and coordination of fundamental and applied research.
  • To raise the profile of ponds and guide national and supra-national policies for their protection.
  • To promote effective practical pond conservation.
  • To disseminate information on the importance, attractiveness and conservation of ponds to the people.


  • joint research programmes
  • joint management of the knowledge
  • joint training
  • staff exchange
  • dissemination and communication activities


  • 6th EPCN conference: in Huesca (Spain),
    14th to 18th September 2014.

    ( more information)
  • Publication of the Pond Manifesto
    in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Serbian

Pond of the month. August 2014

The photo shows a domestic laundry
(French Brittany)


Such artificial ponds are today valorised as historical heritage. They host mostly ubiquitous species, but sometime also threatened amphibian species.