• To exchange information on pond ecology and conservation between researchers, managers and practitioners.
  • To promote understanding of pond ecology by encouraging the development and coordination of fundamental and applied research.
  • To raise the profile of ponds and guide national and supra-national policies for their protection.
  • To promote effective practical pond conservation.
  • To disseminate information on the importance, attractiveness and conservation of ponds to the people.


  • joint research programmes
  • joint management of the knowledge
  • joint training
  • staff exchange
  • dissemination and communication activities


  • Symposium on Mediterranean temporary ponds in Sassari (Sardinia, Italia), 15, 16, 17 April 2015. (see more on the web site)
  • Publication of the Pond Manifesto
    in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Serbian

Pond of the month. October 2014

The photo shows an alpine pond (Valais, Switzerland)

Such ponds are mostly natural. They host many boreo-alpine species, typical of high altitude.