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Dre Catherine Equey

Professor of management accounting

Catherine Equey (PhD) is a Professor of Accounting and Finance at the Haute Ecole de Gestion of Geneva (University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland). Previously she was an accounting auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers and she also has been CFO of a University, for which she was equally in charge of the implementation of the ERP system Oracle financials. During 2015, she was invited by Prof. Henry Chesbrough (UC Berkeley, Hass School of Business) as a Visiting Research Scholar, and has joined the Open Innovation seminar of Prof. Chesbrough during a semester. Professor Equey’s research areas are Open Innovation, ERP's systems and Management Accounting. She led an innovative project granted by the Swiss Confedration (commission of technology and innovation) aiming to develop a management accounting simplified module of an ERP system for SMIs. She also was the Swiss member of an European Project called OI-Net (Open Innovation Network). She currently leads two research projects with the aim of developing two digital platforms. The first one, funded by Interreg, concern participatory foresight in the social sector and the second one must allow a simplified financial planning for retirements and its tax consequences. Professor Equey specializes in ERP systems implementation, specifically the finance and management accounting modules. A part of her current activities is coaching SMEs that wish to implement financial and management accounting systems. She is also the member of a fondation board and of the scientific commission which grants the research projects of the Business Administration department of the University of Applied Sciences of Western Switzerland. She has published several papers in academic journals such as the Journal of Accounting & Organizational Change or the International Journal of Enterprise Information Systems. [CV en français] [CV in english]

>> Currently

UAS Professor, Haute Ecole de Gestion, Geneva. University of Applied Sciences

>> Research

Professor Equey’s research areas are Open Innovation, ERP's systems and Management Accounting. [Link]

>> Current research

Plateforme digitale de prévoyance personnelle (Digital Individual Benefice Statement) - Projet de recherche financé par le RCSO Economie et management.

Innovation ouverte des PME au service de la prospective transfrontalière des secteurs de l'économie sociale et solidaire et du numérique - Projet de recherche co-financé par les Cantons de Genève et Vaud dans le cadre du programme européen Interreg V France-Suisse.

Simplified integrated management accounting system for SMEs (SICS). Research project financed by CTI (“Commission pour la technologie et l’innovation de la Confédération”) and by Solvaxis, ERP Proconcept's editor. [Link]

OI-NET - European Academic Network for Open Innovation - Research project granted by the European Commission (Life long Learning). http://www.oi-net.eu/

>> Recent Publications


Equey, C., Bregnard, T., (2018). Management Accounting and Control Practices: Qualitative Research of Swiss Industries Using Enterprise Ressource and Planning Systems. IMA Annual Conference - Applied Research Roundtable Session. 16th-20th June 2018

Equey, C., Brender, N., (2018). Professions comptables et financières : La transition. L'Agefi, 29 mai 2018

Equey, C., Brender, N., (2018). Evolution des professions comptables et financières. L'Agefi, 25 mai 2018

Equey, C., Bregnard, T., (2016). L’usage très sélectif des indicateurs de gestion selon la fonction. L’Agefi, 25 octobre 2016

Podmetina, D., Dabrowska, J., Albats, E., Teplov, R., Equey, C., Kleer, R., Lopez Vega, H., Petraite, M., Soderquist, E., Rethi, G., Cunningham, J., Hafkesbrink, J., 2016. In : Open Innovation in European Industries. [en ligne]. Lappeenranta (Finland). Disponible à l’adresse : www.oi-net.eu

Equey, C., Bregnard T., Wieland, S., Meyer, P., and Dupuy, F. (2016), Dashboard Model Design Based on Swiss Small and Medium Industries’ Best Practices, Proceedings of the 10th conference of the Performance Association. Performance Measurement and Management: New Theories for New Practices, Edinburgh, Scotland. June 2016

Equey, C. et Trabichet J-P. (2014). "Le concept participatif adapté à la recherche". L’Agefi, 14 octobre 2014.

Equey, C., Mabillard, H. (2013). "Professions financières et TIC: Résultats d'une enquête auprès d'administrations cantonales et fédérales" L'Expert-comptable Suisse, 8/2013.

Equey, C., Mabillard, H. (2013). "Accounting and Financial Professions in Swiss Public Administrations: What Are the Profiles and Users' Satisfaction when Using Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP Systems)?" Proceedings of the 9th European Network for Research in Organisational & Accounting Change 2013, Jyväskylä, Finlande.

Equey, C., Mabillard, H. (2013). "Professions comptable et financière dans les administrations publiques suisses : quels profils et quelle satisfaction lors de l'utilisation d'une application de gestion financière intégrée (ERP) ?" Haute Ecole de Gestion de Genève, Cahier de recherche n° HES-SO/HEG-GE/C--12/3/1--CH [Texte intégral]

Equey, C., Morard, B. (2012). "The Impact of an Integrated Financial System Implementation on Accounting Profiles in a Public Administration : An Ethnographic Approach." Journal of Accounting & Organizational Change (JAOC), Emerald, PP 364-385, Volume 8, n°3. [Link]

Equey, C. (2012). "Empirical Study of the Profiles of Accountants Working in a Public Administration and Using an Integrated Financial System (ERP)." Advances in Enterprise Information Systems. CRC Press / Balkema. Taylor & Francis Group, P. 257-276.[Abstract in english]

Equey, C., Fragnière, E. (2012). "How ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Systems are Centralizing and Standarzing the Accounting Function in Public Organizations for Better and Worse". Strategic ERP Models for E-Governement : Applications & Methodologies. IGI Global Hershey. Susheel Chhabra & Muneesh Kumar, pp. 55-73. [Abstract in english]

Equey, C. (2012). "Les professions financières face aux technologies : les TIC enrichissent et appauvrissent simultanément le travail des services comptables et financiers", Agefi, 22 mars 2012 [Link] [PDF]

Equey, C., Fragnière, E. (2010). "The Paradox of Complex ERP Systems Used In Simplified Organisations Such As Small And Medium Enterprises", IGI Global Hershey. Angappa Gunasekaran and Timothy Shea of the University of Massa­chusetts, pp. 18-28, USA. [Abstract in english] [Abstract en français]

Equey, C., Fragnière, E. (2008). "Elements of Perception Regarding the Implementation of ERP Systems in Swiss SMEs". International Journal of Enterprise Information Systems (IJEIS), pp. 1-8, Volume 4, Issue 3, 2008. [Link] [Abstract]

Equey, C., Kusters, R.J., Varone, S., and Montandon, N., (2008). "Empirical Study of ERP Systems Implementation Costs In Swiss SMEs". Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS), 2008. [Link]

Equey, C., Tuberosa J., Maradan D., Zufferey M., (2006). "Etude du comportement des PME/PMI suisses en matière d'adoption de système de gestion intégré : Entre méconnaissance et satisfaction"Genève: Haute école de gestion de Genève. P. 76, Cahier de recherche no HES-SO/HEG-GE/C--06/12/1—CH . [Link to Full Paper (in French)] [Link to résumé in Français, Deutsch, Italiano]

[Link to full list of publications]

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