Agile and sustainable closed-loop supply chains in hydrogen powered mobility ecosystems

A novel decision-making technique is required for the design of a closed loop supply chain solution for the distribution of solid-state cartridges using hydrogen as fuel. The problem addresses the optimisation of distribution facility locations based on sustainability, agility and economic criteria, and the identification of the optimal logistics routing for the network. This project will develop, implement and test a multi-criteria decision-making method (MCDM) to help select the best distribution/collection network while ensuring optimal economic, environmental and social impacts, a closed-loop supply network design tool to identify the best locations of the vending machines based on agility, sustainability and economic criteria, and an associated algorithm with the vehicle routing problem (VRP) to optimise cartridges distribution and collection. These solutions will be developed with a scalability perspective to extend their application to other cities inside and outside Switzerland.

Project funding

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